What Ethnicity Is Natasha Curry?


Natasha Curry has a bio which focuses on her career as an anchor for CNN and the Headline News. Natasha Curry also received her degree from Pacific Lutheran University.
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There are name people named Natasha and they come from a variety of ewthnic groups. The name Natasha is slavic in origin.
Curry was born in Guam to a Japanese mother and a father of predominantly French and
Natasha Curry's biography, as taken from the CNN homepage, is as follows: Natasha Curry is an anchor for HLN based in CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta. Curry joined the network
Natasha T. Henstridge (born August 15, 1974) is a Canadian fashion model turned actress. Be safe! report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 10:26AM EST. Source:
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Natasha Curry ethnicity is mixed. Both of her grandparents are bi-racial. She comes from a long line bi-racial ancestors.
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Natasha Curry is a journalist and television talk show host. She was born in 1976 in Puyallup, Washington. Natasha is currently the anchor for HLN's Weekend Express ...
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