What Ethnicity Is Natasha Curry?


Natasha Curry has a bio which focuses on her career as an anchor for CNN and the Headline News. Natasha Curry also received her degree from Pacific Lutheran University.
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She was born in Puyallup, Washington, so she is a U.S. native. Her family is very much American, ethnically and culturally.
Natasha Curry is biracial. It's been listed that her father was officially black,
Anne Curry was born in Guam and is multiracial. Her mother died in 2001 of gall bladder cancer. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 08:17AM EST. Source:
East Indians.
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Natasha Curry ethnicity is mixed. Both of her grandparents are bi-racial. She comes from a long line bi-racial ancestors.
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