What Is Pharrell Williams Ethnicity?


Pharrell Williams is of African American ethnicity or race but his looks are of Asian ethnicity. He was born in Virginia on 5th April 1973. He is an American rapper, record producer, singer, composer as well as a fashion designer.
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Pharrell William's ethnicity is African American. Can I help with anything
he is just black
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Pharell Williams is an American born on 5th April 1973. He is a rapper, singer, record producer and also a fashion designer. Him and Chad Hugo make up The Neptunes which produces pop, hip hop and R&B music. He is 37 years old.
Pharell Williams is a black American who was born on April 5th 1973. Together with Chad Hugo, they form The Neptunes which is a music production house primarily producing hip-hop music. He is also a rapper, singer, composer as well as fashion designer.
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Pharrell Williams is an African- American rapper, singer, record producer and fashion designer and he was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia in the United States ...
The highly visible tattoo on Pharrell Williams neck is an angel in a long white robe with wings spread. Pharrell is currently in the process of having skin grafts ...
Pharell Williams is a singer and music producer. He is a member of The Neptune. You can check the aerial view and pictures of Pharell’s house in Virginia ...
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