What Factors Affect Population Growth?


Population growth is affected factors such as: birth rate, immigration, emigration and total fertility rate. The birth rate in a given country is affected by factors such as nutrition, fertility, government policies and social value.
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The factor which affects the growth of the population in the biggest way is the fertility rate. The fertility rate is typically measured by the number of children per one woman of
Some of the factors include:Population Momentum.Affluence.Technology.Whether or not a country is Developing/Developed.Disease.Immigration and Emigration.Respect for Women ( countries
1.Climate of an area 2.Resources to be found and worked with 3.Industry revolving around those resources 4.Areas between countries that are high traffic areas 5.Cities that happen
Economic conditions, technological development, social organization, government policy etc. also play a vital role in the distribution of the population . Major factors influencing
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What Factors Affect the Growth of the Population?
The population of the planet is constantly increasing, and this growth can have many effects on the environment and the economy of the world. For example, as the world population rises, the pressure mounts on the agricultural sector to feed the millions... More »
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