What are the factors that influence climate?


There are different factors that influence climate and they include the distance from the sea and the ocean currents. The other factors are: direction of the prevailing winds, relief, the proximity to the equator and the El Nino phenomenon.
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i hope this site helps http://www.ecn.ac.uk/Education/factors_affecting_climate.htm#Proximity%20To%20The%20Equator
Over the last several million years, the Earth's climate has cycled between cold glacial periods and warm interglacial times. The primary influence on these large-scale climate changes
Elevation or Altitude effect climate, Prevailing global wind
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What Factors Influence Climate?
With all of the talk about greenhouse gases, global warming and other ecological dangers, climate has become the topic of a great deal of debate and concern. More factors affect the climate than most people realize.... More »
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