Famous People with Syphilis?


Some famous people who died of syphilis include: Charles VIII of France, Christopher Columbus, Franz Schubert, Adolph Hitler, Mussolini, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ludwig Von Beethoven, Al Capone and Leo Tolstoy. Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by bacterium.
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Vincent Van Gogh is a famous artist who died from this disease! !
Van gogh died of Syphilis he received from a prostitute. A lot of people have died from this disease. Al Capone was one that comes to mind. King Henry VIII is another.
Here are a few more rock & pop musicians not already listed at the time of posting who (perhaps arguably, in some cases) died before their times. Most have entries in Wikipedia
Horatio Nelson.
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Florence Nightingale died of syphilis. She was a famous English nurse, a writer and a statistician. She was born in 12th May 1820 and died in 13th August 1910. ...
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