What fish can live with oscars?


Oscar fish tend to get along well with bottom-dwelling fish, such as catfish and jurupari. Oscars like to swim in the middle of fish tanks towards the surface. With the bottom fish out of the way, the oscars tend to keep to themselves.

Oscar fish are a type of fish that prefers to be left alone. They are known to be very territorial and aggressive towards other fish. With that in mind, it is recommended that owners do not place just any kind of fish with them. Smaller fish can quickly become a meal for some oscars. Oscar fish are also known to be very big eaters. If other fish in the same tank as oscars are not quick enough to eat their food, they could starve. According to Wikipedia, oscars can be fed fruit since that is what they eat in the wild. They can also be fed worms and certain insects. However by eating live foods, oscars can increase their growth rate.

The oscar fish species originates from South America and can also be found in other countries, such as China and Australia. Over the years, oscars have become a very popular fish in the United States. Before getting an oscar as a pet, owners should keep in mind they can grow up to 18 inches in length.

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