What fish can live with Parrot fish?


Parrot fish can live with most Central and Southern American Cichlids, although attention should be paid. Parrot fish, also known as Blood Parrots, are not considered community fish.

The best environment for parrot fish is in tanks consisting of other parrot fish. Due to their shy yet aggressive nature, parrot fish do not fare well with smaller fish. There are a few species of fish that can be housed with parrot fish however, including swordtails, a variety of cichlids and tetras. Silver dollars and knifefish can also be kept in the same tank. Having too many fish in one tank, or too large of a variety can be detrimental to parrot fish as they can become quite large. Some breeds of Parrot fish can grow up to 12 inches in length and will need a large aquarium to thrive.

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