What Fish Eat Shrimp?


There are several fish that eat shrimp. The only fish that really don't eat shrimp, or don't snack on them are algae eating fish. Some of the fish that do eat shrimp are plecos, tetras, guppies, endlers, rasboras, cory's, danios, and angel.
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At lease a few different kinds of fish eat shrimp: angel fish, and sting rays. But in all honesty, if the fish can fit the shrimp in it's mouth it will eat it. It almost doesn't matter what kind of fish.
Just about all types of fish eat shrimp. In fact, fisherman use shrimp as bait to catch all kinds of fish. Trout especially love to feast on shrimp.
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The giant squid (Architeuthis dux) is still a largely unknown ocean dweller due to its inhospitable deep-sea habitat that makes it extremely difficult to study in any great detail
Blackfish tuna, Speckled trout, Sheepshead. They eat shrimp.
When shrimp are very small they strain plankton out of the water and eat them. When they are big enough to live on the bottom of the ocean, they use feelers on the top of their heads
Most fish will eat shrimp. Some examples are Oscars, Angelfish and Stingrays. Do you
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cat fish eels peranas (take it from a person who has 5 big fish tanks with 150 fish). ...
Puffer fish eats sand shrimp. Sand shrimp is said to be really fine bait for fishing the Surf perch. It can refer to crangon affinis or Crangon septemspinosa. ...
Damsel fish are known for eating cleaner shrimp. Particularly known for eating cleaner shrimp are velvet damsels and two-spot dominoas damsels, as they are more ...
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