What Food Do Koalas Eat?


Koala is the common name for Phascolarctos cinereus which is found in the Phascolarctidae family. Koala is native to Australia and feed mostly on eucalypt leaves. A koala can on average eat 500 grams of eucalypt leaves in a day.
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Koalas are herbivorous and the bulk of their diet comes from only a few eucalypt species.
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Even though Koala's are so tiny they need to eat almost 3 pounds of food a day. They live in Eucalyptus trees and eat the leaves from these trees. These leaves ...
It may be hard to believe but koala bears only eat eucalyptus leaves. It may seem boring to humans who eat a wide variety of foods but since there are over 600 ...
No, Koalas survive on a diet of leaves and bark. They eat eucalyptus leaves and occasionally the flowers. Koalas are not bears as stated. The Panda mammals are ...
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