What types of foods are traditional in South Africa?


There are several types of foods consumed regularly in South Africa with the most popular being biltong, sosaties, mealie and melktert. Many South African foods are native to the region, but people have developed foods based on other cultures.

Biltong is a jerky-type dish that was invented by the Boers in the 1830s. Sosaties is a marinated dish made with lamb that is served shish-kebab style. Mealie is simply corn on the cob, and melktert is a sugary milk-based custard served for dessert.

Other popular dishes in the region include frikkadel, which is a meat patty, droewor, an air-dried sausage, and bobotie, a dish derived from the British shepherd's pie.

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The national dish(es) of South Africa include(s): Bobotie.
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