In which food group is the potato?


Potatoes are in the vegetable food group, belonging to the subcategory of starchy vegetables. The recommended daily intake of vegetables depends on a person's age, weight and level of physical activity.

Potatoes are the number one most produced vegetable crop in the world and are commonly prepared baked, mashed or roasted. They are available year round, as they are harvested somewhere in the world every month. While high in starch, potatoes contain a significant source of vitamin B6, potassium, copper and vitamin C; they also contain antioxidant properties. There are about 100 known varieties of edible potatoes; they range in size, shape and color.

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Potatoes are part of the vegetable food group. The vegetable is high in complex carbohydrates and starch. The starch in potatoes is of a type that must be digested before the glucose
A potato is loaded with carbohydrates and is in the fruit and vegetable group along
Potatoes are classified under vegetables. Grains, meat, dairy, veggies and fats are the 5 food groups.
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