What Foods Do Hindus Eat?


Hindus have a wide range of foods to pick from. They are very strict on their religion and there are various foods that they do not eat. Some of their best foods are prepared during their festive season. Some of the foods include; Badam Phirni, Peda, jelibi, karanji and Rawa Ladoo.
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There are two different paths in Hinduism; the path that insist on vegetarian diets abide by a strict vegetarian diet, and the non-vegetarian Hindus who consume all types of meat except beef. Vegetarian Hindus may eat foods like thali, rajasthani, baigan bharta, chapatis and kadhi pakoda. Non-vegetarian Hindus eat foods like karumeen pollichathu which is a fish dish, deep fried chicken known as Kozhi varuval and Panni varathathu.
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