What Foods Do Muslims Eat?


Muslims eat a variety of foods namely; meat from goats, cows, sheep and chicken; cakes; bread; pizza; kales; donuts; cookies etc. The meat that they eat, however, as to be halal, i.e. the animal has to have been slaughtered in a special way so as to be fit for consumption. Muslims do not eat pork, and taking of alcohol is also prohibited.
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Muslims eat all foods that are considered lawful or permitted by their Islamic laws. Some of the lawful more often referred to as 'halal' include; all vegetables, spices and meat that has been slaughtered with the accordance of the Islamic laws except pork.
Muslims can eat food that is considered according to Islamic law as pure, clean, wholesome, nourishing, and pleasing to the taste. They are enjoined by their own religion to abstain from eating certain foods in the interest of health and cleanliness and in obedience to God.
Muslims cannot eat foods that are not ‘Halal.’ Akin to Jewish Kosher laws, Muslims are not allowed to eat any pork. It is not stated in the Qur’an why pig-meat is restricted, but it is believed that pigs are considered unclean. Under the law of Halal, consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
Muslims cannot eat food such as dead meat of animals which died naturally, meat of animals that are not slaughtered by Muslims and flesh of the pig. They do not eat meat of asses and domestic donkeys and those of animals that feed on filthy things. The meat of beasts of prey, like lions and dogs are also prohibited by Muslims.
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Muslims follow Islam. They can eat food that is Halaal, means not forbidden. They eat all type of meat except Pork. They eat a lot of meat and cook it in different ways. They are
Muslims eat Halal food. Halal food implies to all food that was said to be good by God. Actually, Halal refers to all action that is in God's interest. There are several guidelines
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