What Foods Give You Protein?


The types of food that give you protein include meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, pulses, nuts and seeds and soya products. Protein is a key functional and structural constituent of cells throughout the body.
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Foods that give you protein include meat, fish, dairy, lentils and vegetables. Some examples are skinless turkey and chicken, steak, Pollock, beans, nuts, sweet potatoes and spinach. Protein may help you to lose weight and to build muscles. You can find more info at: ifitandhealthy.com www.intense-workout.com
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Crude protein is a combination of true protein and non-protein in a specific food or animal feed. This is one method of determining the protein content in food ...
No, apples do not have protein. In order to have protein, a food has to have amino acids, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and compounds. Meat is high in protein. ...
Proteins are compound that are made up of high amino acids in food form the most common protiens are meat, fish, ,poultry, eggs, cheese, nuts etc. ...
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