What Games Were Played in the Ancient Olympics?


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According to historical records, the first Olympic Games were held in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC. They were usually held every four years until 394 AD, when they were suppressed by Theodosius I.
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Some of the games that were played in ancient Olympics included: running, wrestling, boxing, equestrian events and pankration among others. The ancient Olympics were quite different from the modern Games. Events were fewer and only free Greek men could compete.
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The ancient Greeks played the same kind of games that we play today at the Olympics, which included running, throwing a javelin or discus. They also played field ...
The main difference between the modern and ancient Olympics is the type of games that are played. Also, ancient Olympics did not have summer games and winter games ...
The Ancient Olympic Games were abolished in 393 A.D by order of the Roman emperor Theodosius II. The emperor was a Christian and he aimed at abolishing all pagan ...
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