What gang was Tupac in?


Tupac Shakur was not affiliated with any one gang. His music career peaked when he was signed by Death Row Records, which is owned by Suge Knight, who has connections to the Bloods gang.

The rapper Notorious B.I.G, or Biggie Smalls, was known to have connections with the Crips gang and had a public ongoing feud with Tupac Shakur. This feud, coupled with the Bloods affiliations with Death Row Records, caused fans to believe that Tupac was a member of the Bloods, who are natural enemies of the Crips. The Los Angeles Times reported evidence suggesting that the murder of Tupac was commissioned by Biggie Smalls, but this information has not been considered in court.

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I take it you are asking about Tupac Shakur (1971-1996) He was in several movies as an actor. Also, he contributed to the soundtrack of many and in other ways too. Check the recommended
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