What gender is Lady Gaga?


Lady Gaga came out to confirm that she is a hermaphrodite after several rumours and thus has both male and female genitalia although she considers herself female. She was even reported confirming that she is not at all ashamed of it although it is not something she goes around telling people.
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Lady Gaga's real name is Stefani Germanotta. She is from Manhattan NY and she has always been a woman!
The 'lady' in her name gives it away!
She's neither male nor female nor any creature of this planet.she's an.alien! I saw her take off her human costume once back stage and her tentacles came out. Another guy saw her
I've heard Lady Gaga in various interviews describe the meaning of her music in many different ways. However, if I had to choose a common theme it would be the idea of. liberation
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Lady Gaga is female.
Lady GaGa is a singer, songwriter, and proudly aggressive seeker of pop culture celebrity. Her 2008 debut album, The Fame, stated her goal and achieved it all at once. Born into a New York Italian family, she went to Convent of the Sacred Heart (the same... More>>
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