What gets mold out of clothes?


The best way to remove mold from clothing is to brush off as much as possible before laundering and then hanging in the sun to dry, according to Barbara Dahl, University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service family economics educator. It is best to brush the clothing outside to avoid scattering mold spores in the home.

Dahl suggests even when brushing clothing outside placing a newspaper under moldy clothing before brushing, and when finished, rolling up the newspaper and throwing it away. Hanging clothes to dry in the sun prevents dryer heat from setting any lingering stains, making them more challenging to remove. If mold stains do remain following washing, she recommends bleaching the spots with a non-chlorine bleach safe for all fabric colors and then washing them again.

When it comes to leather garments and shoes, Dahl recommends brushing followed by air-drying and applying fungicide spray. She adds that if a garment is dry-clean-only to show the spots to the dry cleaner so that they are not overlooked.

Mrs. Clean reports that another benefit to air-drying clothing after removing mold is that the sun's UV rays kill any mold traces, while fresh air tends to help remove any remaining mold scent.

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