What Gives a Star Its Light?


Stars are powered by the process of nuclear fusion. This means the hydrogen nuclei are fused together to become helium. This energy is released as radiation and includes light and heat.
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A stars light is the produced by thermonuclear Fusion reactions in the core of the sun and in larger stars also in onion like layers around the core.
When the lights in a room where glow-in-the-dark stars are placed are off, the stars themselves are capable of giving off light. The technical term for this is "photo-luminescent
The trick is in the boron. The base material is high-weight silicone oil, which is itself a very viscous liquid, but the really interesting properties only appear when boric acid
The amount of light a star gives off is electromagnetic
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Stars are massive ball of burning gasses. The hotter they are, the brighter the light they give off. That same intensity is what gives stars their twinkling light or blue color.
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