Illegal Golf Drivers?


According to the body that governs golf's rules; illegal drivers are those with spring like surface that catapults the golf ball away from the driver face. The material, design or treatment of the club head should not have the effect of a spring which exceeds the specified limit.
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There are so many different makes and types of golf drivers on the market that finding the best one for you may be confusing. The best way to find a driver that works best for you
1. Get a grip, literally. Hold the driver in your left hand, with the shaft barely touching your palm. Make sure the pinkie is at the top of the club. 2. Adjust your posture by putting
Play the ball off of the instep of the left foot. Tee the ball so 1/2 of it is above the head of the driver. Make a full turn and feel as though you are hitting slightly up on the
Unfortunately, there is no such thing. There is however rescue clubs (also known as hybrids) these are clubs which are a blend of a wood and an iron, they have the loft of a long
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As of January 1st 2008 there were some golf clubs that became illegal, these type of clubs have a spring-like face which catapults the golf ball off the driver ...
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