What Grades Are Considered Honor Roll?


Grades that are considered honor roll can vary from school to school. In general, honor roll status is usually given to students who maintain all A's and B's on report cards. Sometimes honor roll is separated into A,B honor roll and Straight A honor roll.
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honor roll grades are anything from B- to A+ sooo u can have all B- 's and still get honor roll if u want high honor roll you can either have all A's or you can have more A's then
Students in the second semester of sixth through ninth grade can apply for membership through the school's official chapter, according to the NJHS Handbook. Students must also have
3.5 is generally the average needed to be on honor
n. A list of names of people worthy of honor, especially: A list of students who have earned high grades during a specified period. A list of people who have served in the armed forces
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