What hairstyles are good for my face shape?


A hairstyle had the ability to either accentuate facial features or detract from the face. A person with a round face, for example, looks best with an asymmetrical layered cut. This style is further enhanced with a side part and long bangs swept to the side.

Sleek ponytails, much like one of Fergie's signature looks, are great for a round face, according to Allure. Pixie styles and angled or asymmetrical bobs that are “piecy” are also a good choice to define a round face.

Oval faces can fare best with blunt bangs that are further softened with a flat iron. Center parts and shoulder-length hair is another flattering style for those with an oval face. For those who prefer a bobbed style with an oval face, side-swept bangs are best, much like the look sported by Carrie Underwood.

Those with square jawlines are best suited with a tapered bob cut. Another style option for square-shaped faces is a tousled shag look. Long wavy cuts, with a part down the middle, can also flatter a square face.

For heart-shaped faces, a bouncy bob with a side part, long layered wavy styles or a pixie cut with side-swept bangs are all excellent options.

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