What Happened in the Scientific Revolution?


The scientific revolution is the foundation of modern science. The scientific revolution began in Europe, and was a time of vast advances in scientific knowledge in such fields as astronomy, biology and physics, among others. New ideas were advanced, and many new discoveries were made.
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During the Scientific Revolution people saw the world differently,
Answer The Renaissance greatly contributed to the Scientific Revolution. Also, nobles and middle class began looking for less religious answers and people started to use mathematics
Liberty, Equality & Fraternity The stated goals behind the revolution were "Liberty, Equality & Fraternity" and that was the principal behind the thinking of those
A favorite later quote from Kuhn, from. The Road Since Structure. is "Metaphor plays an essential role in establishing links between scientific language and the world. Those
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The Scientific Revolution refers to the period of time in history that the sciences were developed. These include the sciences such as anatomy, astronomy, biology and medicine. The Scientific Revolution began after the Renaissance Period and continued throughout late 18th century.
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