What Happened on July 14 Bastille Day?


The French were angered by the monarchy and felt the need to rebel. The Bastille was a prison for political adversaries to the French king and seen as a symbol of his power. The French stormed the Bastille and burnt it to the ground. Many prisoners escaped. This was a day of total chaos in France. This day is now regarded as France's independence day.
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Bastille Day: July 14, the fall of the Bastille in 1789; medieval
The time was half past three, on the famous date of July 14, 1789. A huge, bloodthirsty mob marched to the Bastille, searching for gun powder and prisoners that had been taken by
Mounted Republican Guards escort the command vehicle of the President. The Bastille Day Military Parade (or 14 July Military Parade, translation of the French name. Défilé
July 14, 1987 was a Tuesday and May 2, 1993 was a Sunday. Ask us again anytime!
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