What happened to Albert Ingalls?


Albert Ingalls, a character on the television series "Little House on the Prairie," contracts a "blood disease" that is likely leukemia. The character appears for the last time in the made-for-television movie "Little House: A Look Back to Yesterday," which was the first of three finale movies for the series.

Albert Ingalls' final episode has his adopted father, Charles, returning to their hometown, according to the New York Times. Albert is studying to be a doctor. However, he has just discovered that he has a blood disease that typically results in a slow, painful death.

Fans of the show question whether the character dies or not. At the conclusion of the movie, he has returned to the ranch near Walnut Grove with lead character Laura Ingalls. They are holding hands while discussing the past. There is not a death scene. In fact, in a previous episode, a voice-over by Laura mentions Albert coming back later in life as a successful doctor.

The character of Albert went through many problems over the course of the series. He is first introduced as a 10-year-old stealing to survive. He runs away from the family several times. At one point he even becomes addicted to morphine.

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society says Albert did not exist in real life. He did not appear in the original books.

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Sylvia dies from a fall. In his last appearance on the show, after his addiction appearance, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and that he was dying.
Albert Quinn Ingalls was played by. Matthew Laborteaux.
Matthew Laborteaux was Albert on
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