What happened to Andy Taylor's wife?


Andy Taylor was a fictional television character, who was the sheriff and protagonist on “The Andy Griffith Show.” Played by Andy Griffith, the character’s first wife passed away before the pilot episode, and he had a number of onscreen romances during the stint of the show.

Avid followers of "The Andy Griffith Show" know that Andy’s first wife, who was his son Opie’s mother, was only mentioned in the show’s pilot and in an episode called “Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee.” In the pilot, a character named Mrs. Balford stepped on Opie’s turtle, Wilford, and killed him. Opie asked his father to arrest the offender for the death of his turtle, and Opie wanted her to be hung to death right after the trial. Andy tried to reason with his son by comparing the turtle’s death to the passing of his mother. Opie quipped in reply, “Who stepped on Ma?” During the first episode, Andy said to Opie" “I lost your mom when you was just the least little speck of a baby," according to The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club. In “Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee,” Opie asked Andy if Andy and Opie’s mother held the same kind of love as Aunt Bee did, to which Andy replied, “Yes, son, we did.”

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