What happened to Annie Denver?


Annie Denver, also known by her maiden name Annie Martell, was the first wife of country music and folk singer John Denver. After her divorce from the singer, she retired from the spotlight to focus on raising their children.

According to Frank W. Martin of People magazine, the couple met when Martell was 19 and a student at a local college. Though the two married, Denver was often on the road and working on his career, while his wife remained at home. The separation nearly led to their divorce, but Denver agreed to put his family first and even recorded a hit song about his love for his wife. Titled "Annie's Song," it became one of the biggest hits of his career. According to the Internet Movie Database, the couple had an adopted son named Zachary and an adopted daughter named Anna Kate. After their 16-year marriage came to an end, Denver reportedly took a chainsaw to their bed and spoke out against his former wife, according to Rob Story. Though the two spent many years living in Colorado and shared a large custom designed home there, Denver took ownership of the property after their divorce. Martell remained quiet about their divorce, and while the two shared custody of their children, they rarely saw each other after Denver remarried. Martell didn't even speak publicly after Denver died in a plane crash in 1997. She continues living in Colorado and out of the spotlight.

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