What happened to Buck Rambo?


According to the website for his daughter's current gospel group, Rambo Mcguire, Buck Rambo is still making country southern gospel music with his daughter and tours with Rambo Mcguire "whenever possible." During his down time, Buck Rambo works as the Pastor of Visitation at Grace Point Church. In 2001, the family gospel group he is best known for, The Rambos, was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall Of Fame.

Buck Rambo was a founding member of The Rambos, a southern gospel group consisting of himself and his wife, Dottie Rambo, as well as a number of other singers. Eventually, his daughter Reba joined the group. The group was active from the mid-1960s through the 1970s. Buck and Dottie Rambo eventually got divorced, and Dottie passed away in a tour bus accident in 2008 after going back on tour. Buck's daughter, Reba, married and now sings with the Rambo Mcguire group with her husband. Buck Rambo worked on the Rambo Mguire album, "Grassroot Rambos" in 2012. The album celebrated the early songs and style of The Rambos. Buck Rambo is now living with his wife Mae and, according to his profile, he enjoys painting and his life is centered on his church and family.

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