Donna Ludwig?


Donna Ludwig was girlfriend to Ritchie Valens. She is still alive and after getting married she acquired the name Fox. She attends the winter parties that are hosted by Ritchie's family.
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She is a real estate agent in California. I Heard she Married someone else and is Now Donna Fox. I believe she is a grandmother In Sacramento, CA.
Donna Ludwig Fox is around 47 or 48 years
Donna Ludwig is still alive & she got married. Her married name is Donna Fox. She has attended the Winter Dance Party Concert of the Valens family for years. report this answer.
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Following the death of Richie Valens in 1959, Donna Ludwig moved on with her life and got married, becoming Donna Ludwig Fox. She is now also a grandmother and ...
Richie Valens's girlfriend, Donna Ludwig ( married name Donna Fox) is today still recognized as 'Ritchie's Donna.' Her personalized license plate reads RIPRV. ...
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