What Happened to Eliza Hutton?


Eliza Hutton was known for her roll in the movie The Crow alongside Brandon Lee. He was famous for being Bruce Lee's son. She was engaged to Brandon Lee at the time of his death. It is unknown what happened to her after his murder.
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The Crow (1994) The Confession (2011)
Actor Timothy Hutton was born in '60 in Malibu,CA.He is divorced from Debra Winger &
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This is probably the most frequently asked question I get emailed. Eliza has closely guarded her both her personal life, and her private memories of Brandon. I have not been surprised
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Eliza Hutton was Brandon Lee’s (the Chinese-American actor) fiancée. After Brandon’s death, Eliza was eventually able to move through her grief and embrace a new kind of normal life. She left the industry of Hollywood and in the decade after Brandon’s death was able to find happiness again, marrying in 2003.
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Eliza Hutton was born in 1964 in the state of Missouri. Eliza worked as an assistant to a director of movies. While she was employed at this job, she met Brandon ...
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