What happened to the Five Star pop group of the '80s?


Five Star, who are also styled as 5 Star, are a British R&B / pop group that was formed in the year 1983. Comprising siblings Denise, Delroy Pearson, Doris, Lorraine, and Stedman, they were well known for their flamboyant image, their matching costumes and their much heavily choreographed dance routines. In 2010 it was announced that the Cherry Pop records, would be releasing some Special Edition CDs of their first 2 albums Luxury of Life and Silk and Steel. In the year 2001, Funktafied, a new Five Star single, peaked at number 99 on the U.S. R&B Chart. However, its accompanying new album Eclipse was not a success and it was the group's final album to date. They have since split.
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Officially they are all moving on with their lives. Some continue to work in the music industry and some in other fields. I think Five Star (all problems aside) were one of the classiest
They are down to 3 star these days " Five Star returned to the UK in 2002 (now a trio comprising of Denise, Lorraine and Stedman) and continue to perform at various venues (which
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