What happened to "Jon and Kate Plus 8"?


The TLC reality series "Jon and Kate Plus 8" was not renewed by the network in August 2011, and the last new episode aired September 12, 2011. The run of the original show was six years and more than 150 episodes. "Kate Plus 8" aired in June 2014 as a two-part special that introduced the famous sextuplets as they turned 10.

"Jon and Kate Plus 8" reached a high in ratings in 2009 when Jon and Kate Gosselin announced they were separating. When the divorce drama occurred, ratings for the show topped 10 million viewers, higher than "Jersey Shore" ever reached. After the divorce, the show's ratings declined. After the cancellation was announced, Jon Gosselin told Us Weekly he hoped his children would have more privacy to deal with personal issues.

The special "Kate Plus 8" originally aired June 19 and 26, 2014. The two one-hour episodes focused on the sextuplets turning 10, while twins Cara and Maddy are 13. "Kate Plus 8" was the first time the family had been on the air in 2 1/2 years. Kate Gosselin told People her hectic life with eight children happens with or without cameras.

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