What happened to Kathy Levine?


Kathy Levine was a television host for QVC, where she promoted a variety of products for over 13 years before leaving the organization on April 30, 2000. She hosted her own show on the USA Network in 2001, but the show only aired briefly before it was cancelled. She later transformed her career to become a motivational speaker.

According to an interview with AroundMainLine.com in 2009, Kathy Levine is living a life of adventure with her partner, Taub. She makes it clear that she left her Job at QVC for personal reasons, choosing instead to focus on her personal affairs and build a life with her partner. Although her talk show at the USA Network under Barry Diller did not take off, it was the right motivator for her decision to leave her previous job.

Levine currently works with various international companies as a talent consultant, travels abroad periodically, and is a sales trainer and motivational speaker. She was also recently involved with QVC, representing a new jewelry line called La Vintage. Levine advises people never to burn their bridges in life. She categorically states that she left QVC so that she could build a new life and pave a new path of her own.

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