What happened to Pasty Cline's children?


Pasty Cline was a talented country music singer who died tragically in 1963 in a plane crash. Patsy had two children, a daughter Julia Simadore Dick and a son Randy Dick. Her daughter helps her father take care of the estate and has four children and six grandchildren. Her son was a drummer in a band in Nashville.
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Patsy Cline (September 8, 1932 ? March 5, 1963) born Virginia Patterson Hensley ,
1973, making her the first female solo inductee. (Mother Maybelle and Sara Carter were inducted in 1970.)
Some of her famous songs are: Walkin' After Midnight, Crazy & I Fall to Pieces. Patsy Cline made 102 commercial recordings!
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Patsy cline's children; Charlie, Julie and Randy still live in the Nashville area. Charlie pursued a career in music after his mother's demise, while Julie is a wife and mother of four while Randy is a drummer for a Nashville band.
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