What Happened to Raven Symone?


Raven-Symone became a household name after she starred in the hit 1980s comedy, The Cosby Show, as Olivia. She went on to star in several television programs before landing her own show on the Disney network. Her resume includes several television movies as well as a few feature films. She wrapped up a Broadway run in August 2012.
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Born: December 10, 1985
Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
Raven-Symoné is an American actress who became famous for her role as Olivia on The Cosby Show, but continued to be successful as a Disney star on the TV series That's So Raven.
Raven Symone underwent a dramatic weight loss, a development she also testifies that did not boost her confidence a bit. Raven actually admits that the amount of concentration and praise that her new slim figure attracts is quite hilarious.
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Raven Symone Is back with a new show , Named "The Great State Of Georgia" On ABC Family. This year! She plays the lead role of , Georgia"
Raven Symone has been rumored to be dating Jussie Smollett. He is the older brother of actress Jurnee Smollett. This was the latest information from early last year. Of course things
Raven Symone is set to be back for The Cheetah Girls 4 The Cheetah Girls 4 is the sequel to the upcoming 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie, The Cheetah Girls: One World, and the
Raven went from The Cosby Show to star in a series "That's So Raven, and recent
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Raven-Symone Pearman was born on December 10, 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia. Raven is an American actress and singer. Her parents, Christopher B. Pearman and Lydia ...
Raven Symone's parents are both African American. They are both light skinned as is she, but neither parent is white. ...
Raven Symone is an American actress, singer and model. According to articles from People and Star Magazines, Raven Symone Christina Pearman or simply Raven stands ...
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