What happened to Ruby Gettinger?


Ruby Gettinger was born on January 24, 1963. She starred in a reality show called Ruby that followed her weight loss. The show ended with its last season in 2011 and there are no reports of another season as of January 2, 2013.
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Nothing, usually. You might, however, come across something called The Berry Glitch that only happens in Ruby and Sapphire. Your berries never grow, and your internal clock freezes.
Ruby-Doo, Scooby Doo's sister retired from acting after two episodes.
Hi : Ruby has lost over 150 pounds and continues to lose weight. Style network picked up another season of her show. The new season will catch up with her as she lives under the 350
Jack Ruby was convicted of Oswald's murder in 1964, The Texas Supreme Court overturned the conviction after Ruby's lawyers successfully argued that he could not receive a fair trial
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