What Happened to Sisqo?


After the release of the hit 'Unleash the Dragon' in November 1999, Sisqo relaxed back and is currently working on different projects. Born on 9th November in the year 1978, he was also a member of the group Dru Hill, which later split up.
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Sisqo's first Daybute album was a hit but his second album was a flop he almost sold nothing he then returned to makeing tracks with his groud and they made an ablum but it was also
Sisqó is still singing solo, and has finished his third solo album, titled "Last
He dyed his hair back to its natural color.
Sisqó was a member of RnB group Dru Hill who had two platinum LPs and a number of successful singles in the 90's. He went solo and released two albums of his own. He later
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