The Story of Teresa Fidalgo?


It was reported that the real Teresa Fidalgo died in a car crash while on a journey. Several years later a similar girl was seen on the highway where Teresa lost her life and asked for a hitchhiking trip. She was later given a ride with a couple who also lost their lives after her face suddenly became red with blood.
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Which Saint Teresa? There were several.
We don't know yet. At the final episode of Teresa Telenovela,
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Teresa Lewis is currently on death row for paying two men to kill her husband Julian Clifton Lewis and her stepson Charles J. Lewis, and then offering herself and her 16-year-old
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Teresa Fidalgo is a fake Portuguese ghost story created primarily to increase sales of a certain DVD. The Popular ghost footage was said to be made from an event that happened in Sintra, Portugal, in 1985.
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