What happened to the R&B group Intro?


R&B group Intro lost its lead vocalist Kenny Greene in October 2001 as a result of AIDS complications. Greene used to write and produce most of the group's songs aside from writing songs for other artists. After his death, Kermit Quinn joined the group and it now consists of Clinton Wilke, Jeff Sanders and Kermit Quinn.
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Destiny's Child
The group total is currently in the studio creating a new album! Cha
Big Intro fan here. RIP Kenny Greene. My top 5. 1. Let Me Be The One. 2. So Many Reasons. 3. Why Don't You Love Me. 4. Funny How Time Flies. 5. My Love's On The Way. Their first album
Men at Large seem to still be together. Their last release was "Back On Top" released Aug. 14, 2007.
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