What happened to Tina Turner's children?


Tina Turner has two biological children: Raymond Craig (born in 1958) and Ronald (born in 1960). She also has two sons that she helped raise: Ike Jr. (born in 1958) and Michael (born in 1959). Ike Jr. and Michael are the biological children of her second husband, Ike Turner, and his estranged wife Lorraine Turner.

Tina was 18 when she had her first son Raymond with Kings of Rhythm saxophonist, Raymond Hill. Ronald "Ronnie" Turner was Tina and Ike Turner's only son together. During Ike and Lorraine Turner's divorce trial, Lorraine sent their children to live with Tina and Ike.

Not much is known about the Turner children and the lives that they lead. Largely, Tina Turner's children stay out of the public eye, choosing to live their lives in private. It is known that Ike Jr. spent time working with his father on records, and they last worked together on the 2007 Grammy Award-winning "Risin’ With the Blues" album, right before Ike Turner died.

Both Ronnie and Ike Jr. Turner have had problems with drugs. At one point they were recording music together in their garage home studio.

The last time that all of them were brought together in public was in 2007 for Ike Turner's funeral.

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