What Happens after a Hurricane?


A hurricane is a tropical cyclone. These storms occur in the North Atlantic Ocean or in the Northeast Pacific Ocean, east of the International Dateline. These storms produce strong winds and heavy perception. The storm strengths when water from the ocean is released as the air rises. If you are wondering what happens after a hurricane, it can cause damage at sea and on land. At sea, it can cause shipwrecks from large waves. On land, the high winds can destroy homes and buildings.
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When a hurricane is done, it send a HUGE downpour That means it rains VERY hard. Some hurricanes may cause floods or land slides with their water.
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After a hurricane, you should contact your local authorities in order to know whether your neighbourhood is safe and as you drive, avoid driving through the water beware of fallen electrical power lines. You should also stay tuned to your radio tuned and the emergency broadcasts to stay informed of any changes.
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