What Happens after a Volcanic Eruption?


Volcanic eruptions can be accompanied by several other natural hazards such as: earthquakes, rockfalls and landslides, mudflows and flash floods, wildland fires and, under particular conditions, tsunamis. Eruptions can be moderately quiet, creating lava flows that creep across the land.
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The hot ash means blinding if you get in your eyes. the pumice is ground to a fine dust, if you breathe it in it turns into a liquid cement and you choke to death. 3rd degree burns.
Physical Property Damage. Major volcanic eruptions throw a large amount of ash into the atmosphere. The ash slowly descends back to Earth and collects on the roofs of buildings. The
Well there are earthquakes (that magma does a lot of moving on its way up), the ash from the eruption, if it explodes there are chunks of debris flying everywhere....hmmm can't think
Non-explosive and Explosive.
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What Happens After a Volcanic Eruption?
Volcanic eruptions are a constant reminder that Earth is an ever-changing, sometime destructive force. Humans cannot alter geologic events to prevent eruptions from occurring. Instead, people must predict when eruptions will occur and what impact they... More »
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When volcano erupts, lava ruptures out of the volcano. Dust and other fumes also rupture from the volcano because of the explosion. Streams of molten rock flow to the surface and down to the sides of the volcano. The volcanic emission cools and forms the magma which is also known as volcanic ash.
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