What Happens after a Volcanic Eruption?


Volcanic eruptions can be accompanied by several other natural hazards such as: earthquakes, rockfalls and landslides, mudflows and flash floods, wildland fires and, under particular conditions, tsunamis. Eruptions can be moderately quiet, creating lava flows that creep across the land.
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The volcano will smoke and give off ash.Lava may flow out of the vent of the volcano.
detailed but simple description please! This is a complex question that you would like a simple answer to. First of all there are different types of eruptions as well as magnitudes
The magma builds up in its chimney and mixes with gas formed from
Volcanoes can be found all over the world; some are dormant, some active and others extinct. The reason why these volcanoes exist or have existed is because molten rock, called magma
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What Happens After a Volcanic Eruption?
Volcanic eruptions are a constant reminder that Earth is an ever-changing, sometime destructive force. Humans cannot alter geologic events to prevent eruptions from occurring. Instead, people must predict when eruptions will occur and what impact they... More »
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When volcano erupts, lava ruptures out of the volcano. Dust and other fumes also rupture from the volcano because of the explosion. Streams of molten rock flow to the surface and down to the sides of the volcano. The volcanic emission cools and forms the magma which is also known as volcanic ash.
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