What Happens after an Earthquake?


Some of the things that happen after an earthquake include loss of lives and destruction of property. It also results to gorges and valleys that were not present. Earthquakes mainly take place along the border between the tectonic plates.
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you start feeling weird and you faint it depends of the degree of the earthquake, if it was low (1-2)it's not dangerous at all,more it is higher more it'll be dangerous.it causes
The movement of tectonic plates causes stress to build up on the boundaries of and within the plates. It deforms the crust through a process of crushing, stretching or uplifting.
Immediately after the quake, the market was in paralysis because no one knew what to expect. As time passed, those who had to sell began to put homes and condos on the market and
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After an earthquake, apart from large buildings being crumpled on the ground, there could be large fissures in the ground. Sandy soil can become liquid causing the ground to sink and small hills can disappear. You can find more information here: http://www.pitara.com/discover/5wh/online.asp?story=123
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