What Happens before a Volcano Erupts?


In almost all volcanic eruptions, earthquakes occur first. During the earthquake, earth planes slide over one another creating pressure in the earth's inner core. This core builds up pressure around the volcano leading to magma formation and eventual eruption over the earth's surface.
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magma crawls from underground to an opening in the volcano.
Definition of a Volcano. A volcano can best be described as a fissure in the earth's crust. This fissure is filled with gases and molten lava (rock). The volcano is the opening through
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It is imposable to know when the first volcano erupted since the have been around for millions of years.
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Before a volcanic eruption, seismographs will monitor and register increased seismic activity in the area, geologists will notice a deformation in the dome and cone of the volcano and gas emissions may also occur.
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