What Happens before a Volcano Erupts?


In almost all volcanic eruptions, earthquakes occur first. During the earthquake, earth planes slide over one another creating pressure in the earth's inner core. This core builds up pressure around the volcano leading to magma formation and eventual eruption over the earth's surface.
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The are a smalls earthquake.
Ash from volcanoes can do more than darken the skies, coat highways, cover yards and ground airplanes. After an eruption, roofs on buildings may collapse and kill people if enough
Volcanoes release a large amount of particulate matter into the
Basically the way volcanoes errupt is determined by two factors. 1) The amount of gas dissolved in the magma. 2) The viscosity of the magma - which is in turn determined by the temperature
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Before a volcanic eruption, seismographs will monitor and register increased seismic activity in the area, geologists will notice a deformation in the dome and cone of the volcano and gas emissions may also occur.
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