What Happens during an Earthquake?


During an earthquake, the earth shakes vigorously. This is because of the energy that radiates outward from the fault in all directions in the form of seismic waves. Earthquakes can sometimes be very destructive.
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Iran suffers from frequent earthquakes as it lies on a convergent plate boundary between the Eurasian plate and Arabian Plate. One plate was pushing against the other, creating built
Most earthquakes happen where tectonic plates meet and glide against each other. Quakes occur when the frictional stress of the movement exceeds the strength of the rocks, causing
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Aftershocks are smaller tremors that occur in the same fault
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As tectonic plates pound together at a fault line, the rocks on both side stretch to take up a certain amount of pressure. If the pressure becomes enormous, the rocks smash thus releasing shock waves that quake the surface. Buildings then lean and topple and in some cases fires may set off as gas and electricity lines are ripped apart.
During an earthquake everything will begin to shake and move around. Some buildings will collaspe and bridges will fall. All your things could fall off the shelf and break.
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