Telophase 2?


Teleophase is one of the steps a cell goes through in either mitosis or meiosis. An easy way to remember this is by breaking the word down: 'Teleo' (end) phase (stage). This stage is marked by the chromosomes moving to opposite ends of the nuclei spindle.
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During telophase the cell membrane gets "pinched" and the orgenelles and DNA are split. following telophase is cytokinesis when the cell membrane is sealed off and the mother
In telophase nuclear membrane is begin to reform at both ends of the cell and spindle
This is the stage of Mitosis where the sister chromatids are pulled apart and are at opposite ends of the cell, finally the nuclear envelope reforms and mitosis is complete! (after
By the time the cell is in telophase, the chromosomes have already replicated, condensed, lined up, and migrated to their poles. During telophase the chromosomes are separating as
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In Telophase 1, the chromosomes are moved into opposite poles of the dividing cell and this this enables the nuclear envelope to reform. Telophase is a stage in ...
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