What happens if you hook up jumper cables backwards?


Hooking up jumper cables in the backwards has the potential to cause an explosion. The reaction occurs if hydrogen gas builds up around the battery and a spark ignites the gas.

The correct way to apply jumper cables is to attach the red end to the positive terminal of the dead battery first, then the other red end is attached to the positive terminal of the charger battery. The black end of the cable is then attached to the negative terminal of the charger battery, and the other black end is attached to the negative terminal of the dead battery. The cables are removed in the reverse order of their attachment.

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There is the possibility the battery could blowup. You can damage the complete electrical system.
Actually they are all correct and then some. A lot depends on the quality of jumper cables that you use. It is not a good thing and if you insist on trying it take two older batteries
When the battery cables are hooked up with the negative to the positive and positive to the negative terminals, the battery can explode. This is true for the battery being charged
1. Park the donor vehicle (live battery) next to the vehicle with the dead battery. Position the vehicles so that the batteries are as close together as possible, but make sure the
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