What Happens If You Drink Bleach?


Drinking bleach is very dangerous since it contains a number of chemicals which are very toxic and cause respiratory illness. Bleach also causes edema or vomiting and coma. If bleach is drunk by children it can be fatal once the heavy fumes it produces reach the lungs
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Sodium hypochlorite is a chemical that is commonly found in bleach and it can lead to poisoning. Symptoms of sodium hypochlorite poisoning may include: stomach or abdominal pain, burns, vomiting and low blood pressure.
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Drinking bleach can cause effects that range from mild to serious, depending on the amount ingested. Medline Plus states that consuming diluted bleach, or sodium ...
The most common symptoms of drinking bleach are burning of the mouth, lips, and nearby areas as well as smelling the bleach from the person's breath. It you drink ...
Drinking bleach can kill you. It destroys the throat and will eat away the stomach liner causing abdominal pain and unmanageable vomiting. If it is ingested for ...
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