What Happens If You Drink Vinegar?


Drinking vinegar cannot hurt you but can cause digestive issues if you have a sensitive stomach. If you drink vinegar regularly there is a risk of it eroding tooth enamel so drinking it through a straw can help. People drink one to three ounces of vinegar for health reasons up to three times a day.
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What Happens If You Drink Vinegar?
The main component of vinegar is acetic acid, which helps balance the acid content in many areas of the body. It also contains a number of mineral components which can be used by the body in many ways. The familiar culinary uses range farther than you... More »
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Your stomach's acidity will be affected when you drink vinegar. It could result to some discomfort if you have drunk just a small amount. But in most cases, nothing ...
To loose weight by drinking vinegar you should use apple cider vinegar. Mix one to two tablespoons Apple Cider vinegar into a glass of water or chamomile tea. ...
Mixing vinegar and baking soda causes a chemical reaction where the vinegar produces an unstable acetic acid that immediately breaks down into carbon dioxide and ...
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