What Happens If You Eat Expired Yogurt?


If you are worried about what happens if you eat expired yogurt, most people usually experience little or no ill effects. This does not mean that you should let the food go over, but in the case of yogurt, your stomach may still be able to handle digestion. This is partly because the enzymes and bacteria that spoil food do not work as fast on yogurt, because a type of bacteria is already used to help make it.
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Eating expired yogurt can be fine if it isn't spoiled. The date on the yogurt is generally a sell by date. It is ok to eat it a few days past the sell by date as long as it smells and looks ok.
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Yes, you can eat yogurt if it is past the expiration date. However, you won't want to eat it if it is discolored or has a sour smell. ...
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